10 Hack Studies to Improve Your Memory

Through the brain and the internet, we found the best learning hack that will help your brain memorize information faster and easier and ultimately help you to improve your exam.

1. Go before testing
Exercise has been proven to increase your memory and brain’s power. One of Dr. Chuck Hillman of the University of Illinois found that performance was improved with a 20 minute exercise before the exam.

Examine the hack for the exam

2. Speak out loudly instead of reading
You might look a little crazy, but please try it! You will be surprised how much you remember when you say it loudly. Warning: Do not try this with crowded libraries!

Learning method

3. Reward yourself with treatment
There are many ways to learn to learn more effectively for exams in order to incorporate the compensation system into your customs. Here is an easy way to motivate you to learn gummy piglets:

Learn the hacks compensation system

4. Teach what you learned
The best way to test whether you truly understand something is to try to teach someone. Please describe the Pythagorean theorem. Why do not you teach a stuffed toy class?

Learning method for testing


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5. Create a spiritual association
The ability to connect is not only a simple way to memorize information, it is also fuel for creativity and intelligence. Steve Jobs said, “Creativity only connects things.If you ask the creative people what you did, they feel a little guilty because they did not do it.

Mind Map is an easy way to link ideas by creating a visual overview of the various connections. Please see here for benefits of Mind Map.

Hack research: to create a spiritual association

6. Drawing
Drawing diagrams help visualize information that is difficult to explain. This creates a visual memory that can be retrieved by the test. You may be asked to draw or label a graphic like a human heart in your exam, so please do some exercises!

Draw a human heart

7. Times New Roman is the fastest font to read
Quite simply – there are reasons that Times New Roman is the default font for most applications.

Study Hacks: Times New Roman font

8. Use application to block problem sites
The SelfControl application helps avoid distracting attention by blocking websites for a while. In our blog, “12 apps for students I do not want to miss” is increasing the number of applications for students to make students’ lives easier.

Learning hacking: student application

9. View a documentary on the theme
Documentary is a fun way to compile the whole story without taking time. This will help you remember the most important details of the story and you can even take the initiative and even gain special cognition to watch the movie about that subject!

Please look at the infograph of this blog post and help decide which document to look for.

10. Search Google as a professional
Learn the world’s largest search engine and save time on online surveys. Google. Follow the hints in this photo, please find what you need with your fingertips.

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