12 tips for achieving the goal in 2018

For many of us, the New Year is a great opportunity to think where we are, think about where we want to go and plan to get there.

This is especially true for students who maximize learning time and want better grades at school. For that reason I summarized a list of hints useful for developing a learning strategy useful for achieving educational goals in 2018.

12 Tips to Increase Your Results
1. Define the purpose of the study
There are many research findings that are believed to be able to use goals as part of a strategy to help people make positive changes in their lives. Do not underestimate the ability to decide on your own what you want to achieve. Have you set realistic goals? Do I have to work hard to achieve these goals? If you are satisfied with your goals, you need to develop a program to achieve the goals for next year. That will lead us to 2!


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2. Create a curriculum
Time is money. No one knows than a poor student who has not learned anything until the day before the exam. Of course, that is too late. The key to breaking the test cycle is to think about in advance and create an effective curriculum. Not only help you to maximize your time by organizing and calming your thoughts and eliminating discomfort you feel when you come to the exam. Preparation. Do not prepare and prepare to fail as old words go.

3. Take regular study breaks
Because no one of us is superhuman, it is important to recognize that you can not maintain optimum concentration without taking time to recover from your work. This can be done in 10 minutes on foot, on a trip to the gym, in a conversation with a friend, or in the form of a hot drink. If this sounds like postponement, please be assured that this is not the case. If shortened, regular breaks not only improve concentration but also improve productivity.

4. Adopt new technology
This research no longer meant writing objects with paper on paper. Of course, the old handwriting method still has that place except that there are more ways to personalize the study. Learning is becoming smoother and user-oriented, whether online tools, social media, blogs, videos, mobile applications or not. If you want to try new learning technology, GoConqr’s free platform is a good starting point, even if you say it yourself!

5. Test yourself
Strange to say, you may need to enter a test environment to forget some of what you have learned. The solution is to mentally prepare for pressure, to memorize important data, facts, names, official etc. Testing yourself with regular quiz questions is a wonderful way to do it. Do not worry that you are not brilliant at first – the more you practice, the better you are. Do not believe us? Let’s see what experts have to say.

6. Find a healthy balance
Please evaluate yourself on a physical and mental basis at this opportunity. Is your engine running? Instead of complaining that “I can never sleep” or “I have too much cooked”, let’s do something with control! Please make a change and see how it will have a positive effect on your attitude and learning routine. This will motivate you to maintain a healthy balance in the future.

7. Become positive
Development of growth advice

Your attitude has a major impact on the level of learning and the effectiveness of the learning process. If you continue to say that you can not do it and you can not hear the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlearning, it will probably be more difficult to study. Instead, it focuses on how to reach them with positive results and individual strengths. As you actively think, your brain’s remuneration center shows more activity. This makes you more open, not careful about new learning hints.

8. Cooperation with research partners
At this point in the grade, you should know your classmates. It is a good time to choose several research partners who are familiar with them and are motivated to get good grades. Do not worry unless you can meet too often. You can use online tools such as the GoConqr Groups tool to share and share learning notes.

9. Lesson tales
Everyone loves reading and listening to good stories. The story is not only fun for us but it helps you to understand and remember important things. By interwoven with details and important facts in the story, you can apply this to your research. You’re more evil and ridiculous, more attractive (especially because you remember crazy stories).

10. Setting up research routines
Your learning routine is not just about planning what to learn and when. One of the biggest problems is the learning environment.

To study good

Please look for a calm and unobtrusive place. You can sit everywhere in the school library elsewhere and see how it works for you.

11. Mark small issues
If you are working on a very long and dense topic, you can set up a small task to keep your mood high. It is a great way to concentrate on daily life and find motivation during learning. The more ambitious and exciting we have, the better the brain works.

12. Talk to a teacher
If you have questions about the exam it is best to go to the teacher and leave questions. That person will not only be in the best position to answer your question but will also show a good attitude by showing you that you are well acquainted with your initiative and are interested.

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