Four tips for Master of Summer Reading

Reading in the summer You may be tired of hearing because you are an American high school student, have you ever started reading summer? Summer has already passed, I think you have hardly made books. Despite the general view, the English department of your school did not spend this summer work to destroy your summer vacation, but spent preparing for the English course the following year. It is better not to pack it at the last time.

Working on sophisticated equipment in the last week of your vacation is a bad plan. In particular, they increase your reading level. Do not get used to the level where these books were written. Secondly, your brain is taking a break in the last 8 weeks. Therefore, learning loss is likely to be effective. Make yourself happy and start now.

Start earlier than starting later
It takes a few weeks to break and start summer reading. Let’s go out at least 90 minutes everyday for the weekend. It makes summer reading much easier and keeps your heart active during breaks.

Attention to what you read
We recommend using GoConqr Mind Maps to track the progress of reading. You have received 2 or 4 books to read. It may be difficult to remember everything you read. Especially, I am busy for your summer vacation. The mind map is ideal for tracking the progress of the story. It helps you learn tests and write papers that are given to you when you return. In this way you can follow letters, conspiracy and even symbolism. You can save it as you read a book and it is stored in your account so you do not have to worry about losing it. Look at the following example:

Outsider Abstract Mind Card

Avoid loss
Learning of summer vacation is held every year among students, and academic knowledge of one to two months is lost during the summer vacation. After all, you are not wasting time, but waiting for the last time to start reading summer, wasting teacher’s time is wasted. Your summer reading is designed to prepare new information for the fall and become spicy in the summer. Please find more ways to continue using your heart by reading this post this summer.

Two brains are better than one
Why do not you try a friend for this summer vacation reading work? Discuss what you read and set up other people’s ideas. This will help you understand what you read and help you in your work.

These tips will improve the effectiveness of reading this summer. How many books are you reading this summer?