Hacking 10 hacks, you need to know

Through the brain and the internet, we found the best learning hack that will help your brain memorize information faster and easier and ultimately help you to improve your exam.

1. Create flash card for high speed memory bus
Use Flashcards to quickly test the knowledge of key concepts, definitions, quotes, and formulas. Log in to GoConqr and create your first Flashcard deck like this!

2. Take regular study breaks
When your brain is functioning, you need to take a regular break to help the brain absorb more information. Please rest for a short time after 45-50 minutes study, as your attention and concentration will be influenced after this time will not be assimilated again after 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Study Hacks: Learning break

3. Listen to the correct music
Our blog article “Music to Study: 10 Tips for Choosing the Best Music” examined how good music types lead to productive learning by increasing morale. Have you created a Mozart Spotify playlist already?

4. Make the study room portable
We are usually animals with favorite seats in the library, but when you change the place you studied, the storage of information actually improves. This buzz feed video is trying even more hacking:

5. Practical, practical, practical …
An example of an answer to a previous exam question is to help the brain recover the information. Build a realistic state, check your understanding with the new quizz tool and test. Try the general knowledge quiz:

6. Do not get up all night before the exam.
Please make sure you take enough rest on the evening leading to your exam. When I go to bed, the brain learns the information I learned while studying, so I get tired only by going to bed.

Do not do it to your sleep plan:

Study Hacks: sleep plan

7. Discover new ways to learn
With the new learning method, you can really discover what works for you. For example, you can take advantage of technology such as viewing educational TED conferences or downloading useful dictionary applications. Learn about the advantages of learning for technical examination.

Refresh your memory with perfume and eraser
This may seem a little arbitrary, but blowing an unknown smell during learning is one of the learning methods that helps improve memory by injecting again just before the test. Even if you chew a strange kind of eraser, it works the same way.

Learning hacking: Unusual odor

9. Learn by group
If you study in a group, you can acquire new knowledge to improve your learning experience. The GoConqr group tool is an innovative variation of traditional study group formula. You can use group tools to share resources, discuss ideas, and interact with team and group project members. Let’s start signing up here!

Studying hacks to study in groups

10. Meditate
Meditation is one of the learning methods that helps students to concentrate during learning. Meditation not only helps focus on learning but also helps to relieve stress before testing, to improve mental and physical health.

Please look at this infograph of Edtopia (Edutopia). Edottopia shows the educational benefits of meditation:

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