Learning method: 10 study tips for improving learning

Learning techniques To memorize textbooks is an outdated learning method. You can try a couple of days to pack all things, but the results are not very promising.

Fortunately, there are many fun learning techniques that will help you learn and improve your test results. Some of these learning methods are shown below.

10 study tips for improving your learning
Research Council 1: Highlights
Underline is one of the easiest and famous learning hints. It is easy to emphasize the most important part of what you read. Ideally, you should read the detailed text before emphasizing something. Please emphasize the most important aspect only with the second reading.

Emphasizing something means dealing with several important aspects of the text. You are crazy and you do not need to highlight the entire text block. You need to highlight the key phrase in the paragraph and highlight some important phrases here. You can not keep a certain amount to hold the most important information.

Learning hint 2: Create learning notes
Taking notes is one of the most commonly used learning skills. Essentially, the purpose of a note is to summarize lectures and articles in your language and make it easier to remember ideas. In most cases it is important to be able to summarize the content as soon as possible without omitting important information.

To take notes, you can do it in a traditional way using old pen or paper, or you can use an online tool like GoConqr notebook.

Technical Committee 3: Mind Mapping
Using a good mind map saves hours of study time and further strengthens the knowledge of the exam. Mind Map is a very versatile tool. It can be used for brainstorming, essay sketching, study topics, general exam preparation.

Technical Committee 4: Flash card
The use of flash cards is a particularly effective way of assimilating various facts, data, officials or vocabulary. Topics such as history, physics, mathematics, chemistry, geography, or other languages ​​are much easier to include records in your research.

Using a memory flash card, unlike many other learning tools, it can be a fun process. In addition, online flash cards can save time and save time by creating a flash card’s turntable. In addition, they are always online, so they can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Investigation tips 5: Case study
Sometimes it is sometimes difficult to grasp the meaning of several theories. Case studies can be a big help here. Case studies will help visualize the theory and place it in a better known realistic context. This is particularly useful for business or legal issues.

It is always helpful to consider a practical case study with pure theoretical research. In this way we can better understand the application of theory and its theory.

Learning tips 6: Quiz
Questionnaire is a great way to read test notes several weeks ago and several days before the exam. The questionnaire will show you where your strengths and weaknesses are, so you can focus more precisely on your efforts. If you share your learning quiz with your classmates and test themselves as much as you can, you can discover the details and areas you may have missed. Before each exam, please create and share many quizzes with your friends.

Study 7: Brainstorming
It is another ideal learning method for learning with friends and classmates. Brainstorming is a wonderful way to broaden the idea of ​​what the theme is. We collect a group of friends, blow off the breeze, there is no wrong answer for brainstorming. Just talk and catch the idea you can think of.

Several ideas that work well in advance are eliminated immediately, but what looks crazy in advance is also promising. Using mind maps reflects the explosive nature of the thought process, so it is an ideal way to capture all the information.

Technical Committee 8: Rules of mnemonics
Mnemonics are particularly useful for memorizing lists and sets. Mnemonic rules basically work by linking specific concepts to other concepts. There are several ways to create mnemonics, but these can be personalized to nicknames.

A classic example is Richard of York Gay Battle in Vine. This mnemonic rule is reminiscent of the primary colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Study Tip 9: Organize your research
One of the most effective learning skills is one that is almost ignored. This will organize your research. When you create a learning calendar, you get the goal and the arrival time. The schedule at school is very ambitious. GoConqr has a free program tool, which makes it easier to organize learning.

Research 10: Drawing
Many people are easier to memorize images than texts, so associating them with images and diagrams can often remember the concept. Therefore, you can add images using the GoConqr tool. GoConqr’s tools are designed to support different types of learners. Visual learning is often overlooked in more text-based hearing classes.

Many of these hints and techniques are not new, they are well known to students. But the new one is how you can use them now. Today, the new technology has changed the way it interacts with these learning techniques. Therefore it makes sense to reevaluate how these techniques are applied and what new tools and techniques can be incorporated into your research.